Gallery Kei

From ancient times, Japanese people have made threads and materials out of various trees and grasses, such as Wisteria, Elm, Linden, Kudzu, Paper Mulberry, Banana tree, Hemp and Ramie and wove textiles to cloth themselves and made daily tools. They are simple and yet greatly impress us today with their beauty and freshness. Gallery Kei deals in these old folk crafts and pottery, far beyond the usual range of antiques, as well as antique bast-fiber textiles, usually called primitive textiles.

Address 671-1 kueninmae-cho Ebisugawa-kudaru Teramachi-dori Chukyo-ku, Kyoto
Tel 075-212-7114
Hours 11:30AM - 6:00PM Sunday/Holiday : 12:00PM -

Locateion (Map)

*This store does not always stock the same items that shown in the photo or street view.