Tomisaka Soukouten


Today I went to Tomisaka Soukouten for shooting.

Tomisaka Soukouten is a shop in Kyoto Nishijinori.

Nishijin Textile’s iPhone case is a particularly attractive thing at such a store!

Japanese culture overflows! And beautiful.

And Mr. Tomisaka’s shopkeeper! The richness of life experience is amazing.

Mr. Tomisaka’s story was very interesting, and I stayed for a long time even after the shooting was over on this day.

Thank you very much for the tea.

The shop itself is not very large, but the “GAMAGUCHI maiking experience” held here is in vogue.

Hundreds of people seem to visit for a year.


Honestly, it’s not so close to the station, it’s a location with no crowded people, so it’s really amazing.

Next, I would like to have my own “Gamaguchi Making Experience”!