Today I went to shoot at KIRAKU-INN in Higashiyama Ward.

It is a panoramic view tour.

Kiraku-inn is cheap in accommodation rates and is in a great location for visiting Kyoto’s attractions.

It used to be an art shop store and residence before, and it is an inn that you can feel Kyoto strongly.

There is a cute cat at the inn, so just looking at it will heal your feelings.

I was allowed to take a picture well.

※ If you are allergic to cats, be careful.

There is a key with a security code at the entrance of the hotel, and it is safe because it is in each room.

The owner of the inn is also friendly and friendly.

Meals are not provided, but there are a lot of shops around the hotel, and I think that it is not a problem for eating places.

I also travel nearby for shooting work, but there are many good shops.

It is a really good location.

If Yasaka Shrine is 10 minutes on foot I wonder?

As shopping district is near, it is perfect for souvenir choice!

Even if I live in Japan, I would like to stay at least once! !

There are other lodgings in this street, because it is an old art, an antique street, I think it is good to touch something unique to Japan. If you have a little time to take a walk outside, walk 10 steps and you will find shops.

For example


It is one of the highly recommended lodgings in Kyoto!